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Artist to the DESIGN community

The year marked he tenth year of the Big Design conference in Dallas. Every year has been even bigger an better than the year before.  What began as an  idea between a few like-minded UX design enthusiasts has become one of the notable conferences on design in North America and has sprouted a Latin America event as well.  

Since 2011, the conference and related events have given me an eager audience for testing new sculptural inventions.  I'm delighted to be referred to as the resident artist of big design.  This year I was happy to provide some new pieces based on the Dig D logo. These are cut from a solid block of aluminum one inch thick using a water jet.  The pieces are thne hand distressed by yours truly and assembled using stainless steel carriage bolts.

The look is less jagged than pas works but still very heavy industrial.

Feature 2




Feature 3