What if Electricity were like the internet?

Imagine that the electricity coming into your home could distinguish between a GE appliance and a Kenmore and based on this information could provide a stronger more reliable electrical current to one, making it outperform the other, even if those appliances were in fact identical except for the brand. Let's also Imagine your electric company was Sears, who sold you the Kenmore. Hmmm. And let's imagine there was no regulation requiring a standard electrical current to all appliances.

Have you heard of the Internet of Things (IoT) or smart appliances? Net Neutrality (and now its absence) is a concept with far reaching implications. Be glad that your Internet and cable provider is not also your electric company, well, not yet anyway. Did you ever play Monopoly? What did you learn?

Of course, these are rhetorical questions and Sears isn't in the electricity business. So just keep scrolling.