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Millenniels respond to TechXpressionism as it brings digital culture awareness into contemporary art venues

TechXpressionsim has enjoyed an enthusiastic welcome into a variety of shows and diverse audiences.



Sharing the billing with  artist, Desmond Blair  on multiple occasions

Sharing the billing with artist, Desmond Blair on multiple occasions

RA+G Random Art Gallery

RA+G Random Art Gallery

Watching the audience respond is the fun part

Watching the audience respond is the fun part

Poster for Texas Sculpture Association show

Poster for Texas Sculpture Association show


shows & Venues

Heartfelt Celebration of Frisco Arts, 2018,, Frisco, TX

Extra Life gaming Tournament 2018, Las Colinas, TX

The Future of Blockchain 2018, Conference, Frisco, TX

BIG DESIGN 2018 Conference, Dallas, TX

Art en Blanc, The Gallery 8680, 2017, Frisco, TX,

BIG DESIGN 2017 Conference, Addison, TX

Edges and Intersections, 2016, Deep Ellum, TX,

ArtRageous, Visual Arts Guild of Frisco 2016, Frisco, TX,

HealthWildcatters new headquarters, 2016, Dallas, TX

BIG DESIGN 2016, Addison, TX

Random Art Gallery, Dallas Design District, TX

The nod North Dallas Coworking, Dallas, TX

Roma Gallery, Dallas, TX

Texas Sculpture Association 2014 Show, Grapevine, TX

Frisco Sculptechular 2013, Frisco, TX

McKinney WERX, The Old Cotton Mill, McKinney, TX

Texas Sculpture Association Show, Mesquite, TX

Health Wildcatters, Dallas, TX

Health Gone Wild 2014, Dallas, TX

Dallas Indie Festival 2014, White Rock Lake, TX

Deep Ellum Arts Festival 2013, Dallas, TX

Edges and Intersections 2013, Dallas, TX

Blow Up Gallery, Dallas, TX

Vivify Health Headquarters, Plano, TX

Thirsty Canvas 2013 Show, Shoppes at Legacy, Plano, TX

Gravity Centre at the AT&T Foundry, Plano, TX

Industry Giants 2012, Oak Cliff, TX

BIG DESIGN 2012, Addison, TX

World Usability Day 2011, Sabre Headquarters, Southlake, TX

Texas Sculpture Association 2011 Show, Aloft, Dallas, TX

Fort Worth Arts Goggle 2011, Fort Worth, TX

Gravity Centre at the AT&T Foundry, Plano, TX

Tech Wildcatters - At the Tech Church, Dallas, TX

BIG DESIGN 2011, Addison, TX

Artisans' Gallery, Bishop Arts District, Oak Cliff, TX

Texas Sculpture Association 2009 Show, Design District, Dallas, TX


Its always fun watching the audience reactions to the big geeky art pieces.

This is usually about how it goes:
People see it from a distance and are surprised by it. They. have never seen anything quite like it before; A larger piece of art that speaks to them in a way most art does not. It is overtly about something that is a big part of their lives, their mobile device.

Then as they approach it, they notice something familiar in the iconography. It may be different things for different people. But something usually connects to an experience in their past. A little smile appears and they begin to look more and deeper.

.It i not uncommon for show patrons to spend several minutes gazing at these art works.

When people discover certain elements that have an important meaning to them personally, that’s when I know my art has hit its mark. That’s satisfying and downright fun. It is also extremely educational to this artist. It gives me great feedback on the art at hand and insights for future works.

My art is not about lofty ideas too high up and out of range for people to grasp. It is about the audience and the audience’s’s real life experience with technology. It is deliberately within reach. It is about the demystifying, not patronizing. Really, the audience is the canvas, the art is the pallet.