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Connecting with audiences in many places, art galleries to hip hop events, to tech conferences, TechXpressionist art has been enthusiastically received by a diverse spectrum. Nerds love it, millennials live it. Fun for the whole family

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It's about eXPERIENCEs

Virtual these come out from behind the glass to invade our space.  Like something from a dreamappearing in waking experience, tangible and touchable.

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technology is art

Nothing shouts innovation like big geeky art.  No wonder it's a favorite of entrepreneurs and startups.  It's an expression of brand creativity and invention.

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A Cloud of metaphors

It's in the cloud.  Right.  What does that really mean?  It is the progression of language to present new ideas wrapped in familiar ones.  It's metaphor. It's analogy.  Eventually, they become their own things.  Repeat.

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flat 2.0 icons

icons and Favicons

What is your favorite icon?  A favicon is the icon that represents an app on a desktop.  It's what you click on.  If you were an app, what would be your favicon?   What's on your desktop?  

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videio games

Games and gaming culture

Pong to PacMan to PokemonGo, video games have always lead the way in human computer interaction. Games and gaming culture continue to be a powerful influence over all culture. 

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what is skeumorphism?

Skeumorphism is a funny word usually used to describe virtual concepts, mimicking real world objects, like the icons on you smart phone.  But what if real objects pretended to be icons?  What would you call that? 

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engaging experiences

Why do some things invite touch?

Without even thinking, you push the button, you turn the knob, like George Costanza, you touch the fake fur, even at your peril.  Is the answer in art, design, psychology, or simply humanity?

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What's your sparcline?

used Art?

Art and usefulness?   Are these mutually exclusive?  Or Is use an aesthetic experience?  The bond between object and audience that grows during use over a long period of time can be profound, eclipsing that of a glimpse in a gallery.  What about artistic expression and design thinking? Can these coexist? And what's your Sparcline?

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Sketching Figures in space

As a sculptor, I always return to the human figure.  I’m sure dancers and choreographers would agree no other form offers such an opportunity for expression.  

Not an anatomy lesson, it is a sketch inviting the mind of the audience into the work.  Join in the dance.

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Big Design

Artist to the tech community

Art within technology is common. Art about technology is rare, except for HAL-esque apocalyptic movie cliches. Sigh.  TechXpressionism is about the real digital culture experienced by real people. No wonder it been so popular in the tech design community, showcased in notable places of innovation and a regular at design conferences.   i love this crowd. 

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i used to think art and experience design were different things.  The materials are different, and the reason for doing them can be quite different.  But If empathy is critical to great design, why not to art?  To this artist / designer, it's all about creating compelling experiences.

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