Artist to the Esports

Esports is a growing phenomenon. I’m delighted to be a part of it. When asked to make a piece of art for the DOTA tournament, I wasn’t sure at first. I’m not a trophy maker. However, the idea of of making art that draws imagery from the virtual game world, but then giving it a very earthy real world spin got me going. I found the result interesting and the crowd loved it.


DOTA 02 tournement trophy

The DOTA 02 trophy presented an interesting challenge. I wanted to bring some imagery from the game into the real world to connect the physical and virtual experiences together for this audience of gamers. Yet this is not just a trophy. As art, it should also introduce a new experience. I chose to include just enough of the forms of the DOTA shield to draw that recognition in the gamer’s eye while rendering it in a rawthentic metal utilizing my signature Linn Gear sprockets and broken chain links to challenge the senses and include a bit of defiance.

The result was the gamers loved it.

This tournament was part of the Future of Blockchain conference in Frisco, 2018.

DOTA is a fairly new game that is rapidly growing in popularity.


Who is Roger MacGuffin?

MacGuffin is a name Alfred Hitchcock gave to an object that is used to move a story forward. MacGuffins are so common that they can be easily spotted even in the names of stories and films, such as The Fellowship of the Ring, Raiders of the Lost Ark or Saving Private Ryan. MacGuffins are central to many games as well, DOTA being one. PokemonGo is of course filled with McGuffins galore.

DOTA 02. Roger that

This art piece which became the championship trophy is roughly based on the shield. The shield is the McGuffin in the DOTA story that the gamers are competing to obtain.

My purpose for making this art was not to make a trophy. It was to explore the creation of a real world object whose primary purpose is to connect the audiences’ virtual and real world experiences together. It is to create an extension of the McGuffin from the virtual world into the real wold. It is a real world nod or acknowledgement to the virtual. Thus I have extended the name to include a word often used as an acknowledgement. The word is my name, Roger. Get it? If you do, go ahead and say “roger Roger”.


Roger MacGuffin is a name I have affectionately given a real world object whose primary purpose is to acknowledge a corresponding object in a virtual world. In this way it is intended to be an intellectual and emotional connection between real world and virtual world experience. The result intended is a holistic experience, bringing connectedness to a generation that has become lost in the virtual.

And oh yeah. I’ll admit, I also of named it after myself. I never liked the name Roger well enough to name one of my kids after me. My sons have cooler names than me, Noah and Josiah. I suppose if I ever get another dog, i might consider naming it roger. hmmm.


Extra Life an Trend Micro

This little piece was made for the Extra life fund raiser even sponsored by Trend Micro. It was a great event and a great cause, supporting kids with medical needs. So I wanted to help how I could. And the gaming dimension was something interesting to me. So, no brainier to do something.

The top is a loose interpretation of the Extra Life logo and the base portion is the Trend Micro logo in layers of anodized aluminum. Combining the two looks in one piece was a deliberate clash. The rugged techXpressionist style and the neat techdeco style in the same piece. This collision is meant to ignite sort of a sweet and sour fire and ice effect.


PokemonGo is a fascinating phenomenon. Its a mix of things in a wining recipe. A bit of nostalgia for adults and kids who collected Pokemon cards. A heavy does of augments reality. Interesting that the AR purists might dis it because it unitizes a phone and not a headset. A a human factors person, I’ll say that it doesn’t matter. the fact is that the user builds a mental model of the blended environment in their mind anyway. It isn’t really necessary ha the system does it.

These are all string elements. Culturally, it has gone beyond these elements to become its own thing. Al lot can be learned from observing PokmonGo, My daughter in law and granddaughters have take this up as an activity they can do as a family.