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Galleries & audiences

Since its debut in 2011, belveal techXpressionist works have appeared in art shows, galleries, and events'; Resonating with diverse audiences particularly a hit with digital culture millennials.

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A rebellious celebration

TechXpressionism is a celebration of technology and endearing design with also rugged relief from the slick virtual aesthetic. Out from behind the glass, like from a dream, and into your space.

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art of creative spaces

Creative endeavor craves artful spaces. Great spaces are convergence zones of ideas. Art is a gestalt injection, a cognitive framework for ideas to sort themselves out and find synthesis.

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Rediscovering the figure

I always return to the human figure, my first love.  I’m sure choreographers would agree no other form offers such an opportunity for expression.  It’s not about anatomy. it’s about the motion and expression. It’s classic futurism.

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art of esports

Football, baseball, soccer, make room for the new kid. Pro sports are no longer limited to the physical world. Video game competitions are filling arenas and air waves. Esports, VR, AR, and art about games. Cool stuff!

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art of experience

art of experience design

Art and design are different in their purpose. Design is about addressing a specific goal or problem. Art is about whatever the artist says it is. I do both. And I tend to do both with the audience experience in mind. It’s what i do.

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metaphor fun & Prophet

Skeumorphism is a funny word meaning virtual things imitating real things. But what if real things mimic icons? What do you call that? Is this the evolution of language? Why does metaphor matter?

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Isn’t it iconic?

Feeling sick of the slick, over-digitized, sensory-deprived? Join the rawthentic rebellion. Heavy industry steel brings back weight, volume, touch, and even temperature. Remember temperature?

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That one is me!

It’s you. It says something about who you are. If your friends saw this icon alone, would they think of you? Yes? Then that’s the one! See why all the really cool kids own belveal art pieces.

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Big Design Events


Art piece, My Favorite Machine was the centerpiece at Big Design 2011, it was the hit, the talk of the conference. Since then, belveal art is an anticipated part of tech design events in the area.

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sports city - multiplicity

Fastest growing city in the US, dubbed Sports City USA, home to five pro teams including The Dallas Cowboys and the Soccer Hall of Fame. Frisco also has thriving arts, tech, and business communities.

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artist, roger belveal

UX pioneer in the digital transformation of our world and of ourselves. Futurist by both art and technology definitions. Inventor of TechXpressionism and a voice of digital culture in contemporary art.

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my Favorite machine

My favorite machine stories

My photographs and videos of various devices and designs that rise to the level of favorite machine, Those things that have won our hearts in some special way.

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Spirit expressions

Art through the ages carries some cultural and spiritual dimensions. We can explore those old themes along with some new ideas and contemporary imagery.

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ART of making

Join me in making real touchable art. Just don’t touch the metal when it’s highlighted. Watch out for flying pixels. Dodge or burn. Heal is slow and Undo broken. Have fun!

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