Connecting with audiences from galleries to tech headquarters to hip hop events, TechXpressionist art has been enthusiastically received by a diverse spectrum.

Nerds love it, millennials lose their minds over it. It is art that speaks to their life experience and our digital culture. 

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A celebration of endearing technology design and its impact on our lives and culture.

Virtual entities come out from behind the glass. Invading our space like something from a dream suddenly appearing in waking hours, tangible and touchable.

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The headquarters office of Vivify Health


Nothing shouts innovation like big geeky art.  No wonder it is a favorite of entrepreneurs, startups, and inventors seeking a physical expression for their brand identity, their spaces, themselves.

Does your space reflect your innovation? Where would you place your techXpressionist art?

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The _cloud_icon_silver.JPG


It's in the cloud. What does that mean?

We use metaphors constantly to express digital or otherwise intangible or new ideas. Why?  This method of communication has been used for thousands of years.  Must work pretty well.

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Hard icons

If you were an app, what would your icon be?

Would it be familiar or totally new and unique? What would all your friends say it is? What icon would you like on your desktop?  I mean, the real one.  These are hard icons.

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Inconic games

Pong to PacMan to PokemonGo, video games continue to lead the way in human computer interaction.

In this digital age, games play a substantive role in our actual lives and gaming culture is a powerful influence over all culture. 

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TechXpressionsism belveal.jpg


Skeumorphism is a funny word used to describe virtual images resembling real objects, like the icons on you smart phone.

But what if real objects impersonated smart phone icons?  What would you even call that? 

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engaging experiences

Why do some things invite touch?

Without even thinking, you push the button, you turn the knob, like George Costanza, you touch the fake fur, even at your peril.  Is the answer in art, design, psychology, or simply humanity?

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What's your sparcline?

If art is useful, is it still art?

Is the act of use an aesthetic experience as much as just looking? Art people and designers may disagree.  What is the difference between artistic expression and design thinking?  And what's your Sparcline?

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As a sculptor, I always return to the human figure.  I’m sure dancers and choreographers would agree no other form offers such an opportunity for expression.  

Not an anatomy lesson, it is a sketch inviting the mind of the audience into the work.  Join in the dance.

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Big Design

Big Design is a friend of techXpressionism.

Thanks to Brian Sullivan, founder and president of Big Design, techXpressionism has been featured at multiple Big D conferences. He was able to see my vision from mere sketches on a white board.

The Big Design crowd is a wonderful array of creative minds that get it.  It is a virtual lab for new ideas. Big Design enthusiasts are awesome. 

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If empathy is critical in great design, why not to art? I have known artists who have contempt for their audience and fans still follow as if in an abusive relationship.  If you like being abused, move on, that's not me. I adore my audience and empathy drives my inspiration.  Let's make some art!

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