What is your Favorite Machine?

More than a single piece of art or one machine. My Favorite Machine is about the love affair we have with things well designed, serve us well, that play a significant role in our lives. It is about that thing that makes us more of who we are than without it. It is your favorite pocket knife and Lego character. For designers, it is the quest to make something that transcends its original scope and purpose to become iconic of what great design is. It is the the Harley Knucklehead, the 65 Mustang and 69 Camaro. It is the 747 and the SR71 Blackbird, It’s the first Macintosh, the Dell 486, and the World Wide Web. It’s the IPhone, “The Facebook”, smart devices and a the whole mobile cloud experience.

This page is about my life as a collector, sort of like American Pickers, only usually, I’m just collecting images, not objects.


Good Guys Hot Rod Show at Texas Motor Speedway

Sometimes you just need to stand back and watch a group of people and their beloved machines. The Good Guys Hot Rod Shows are always always spectacular.


Uncle Art’s museum of Artifacts

I remembering wandering around in this farm junkyard when I was a kid. Many years later, I had the opportunity to show it to my two sons. This is the story of that excursion.

My Uncle Art, my mom’s brother in law, was a genuine farmer in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. He bought this place in 1973 from a family friend. At that time it already had most of this stuff on it. I think he added to it over the years, but when you watch this video, you’ll see that most of this stuff is like pre-1970.


Old vices never die, or Vises?

once in while, you find some old tool that has just been quietly serving fro some stupidly ridiculously long time. Like like vise I found in the truck shop in Wenatchee Washington where my younger brother works. this thing was likely he when the pace opened as part of the WWC in the 1940s. Someone added some bronze, presumably for strength?


Hot-wheels, Matchbox, or Other? WHICH do you say?

This was the question I posed to many people before now. Which one do you guess?