What is TechXpressionism?

TechXpressionism is a celebration of digital technology within a real world experience.
Familiar imagery comes out from behind the glass and into your space.


“Last thing I remember, I was Running for the door. I had to find the passage back to the place I was before” - Henley


“… of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth ”



(it spoils the fun if you can’t get back)


Digital transformation persists

Far beyond digital exploration, we are in the midst of intense digital transformation of our society and ourselves. Cyberspace is an outdated term. yet we are stuck in it. Digital transformation and disruption continue in various plateaus of stability and chaos. Evolution is messy and uneven. Countless paths take us into cyberspace, without any clear back-out plan or path. Migration is only forward with shoddy risk assessment and abatement at best.

What about return paths? What about the time and means fully digest and to integrate our virtual experiences into our lives and our beings? is simple plug and play? What about digital fatigue? What is that? What about wholeness of mind? Is it like technical debt? Is there a cognitive or an emotional cost in incorporating digital ways of doing things repeatedly? Often apps that we adopt have a very short lifespan, sometimes only a year or two or maybe even just a few months. Are we piling up a mound of digital fatigue and just sweeping it ahead of us as we go? What is digital fatigue anyway and how do you treat it?



Just wondering, no particular reason, but just in case you are concerned that you might be over-digitized, here are a few questions to consider:

  • If you have to say "I'm not a robot" so often you start to wonder if maybe you really are one, you're probably overdigitized

  • If your cat’s iCloud account is asking for more space. you're probably overdigitized.

  • If you named your children names with the highest SEO value, you're probably overdigitized.

  • If you caused a political feud between your old teacher, the guys at work, and a neighbor from 1992, you're probably overdigitized.

  • If most of your friends are those you met online and half of them are really just Twitter bots, you're probably overdigitized.

  • If you have to check every device in your house for a secret code to enable you to play a song you bought two years ago, you're probably overdigitized.

  • If the domain name you registered one night while drunk is now the most valuable thing you own, you're probably overdigitized.

  • If you come home to find all your IoT smart appliances waiting in a circle, saying, "We need to talk", you're probably overdigitized.

  • If you have to update two apps and an operating system to check the weather outside, you're probably overdigitized.

  • If your self-driving car is suddenly gone hours then appears late at night parked crooked in drive way with no explanation except fluids leaking. you're probably overdigitized.


What is digital fatigue?

Digital fatigue results from time immersed in the world beyond the glass. Symptoms include cravings for real world experiences such as touching objects, feeling temperature, and getting dirty, . Once thought to be a condition affecting only IT professionals, digital fatigue has become epidemic in the digital age. Treatment includes physical experiences such as gardening, cooking, wilderness expeditions, and techXpressionist art.


idea: art is relief


meeting of the minds

Digital world notions in real space, simple connections of physical and virtual experiences.


we are physical beings and we crave a physical experience. 


What is TechXpressionism?

TechXpressionism is a celebration of technology and contemporary digital culture in an earthy real world experience.


There is a risk of art meeting technology

Both art and technology have a history and a tendency of being condescending. Unless a deliberate course is made to counter this tendency There is a significant risk that both of the things will intersect at their most condescending points.

It happens that within technology, in the 80s and 90s a cultural rebellion against the condescending and intimidating aspect of technology. Industrial designers took on the mission to de-mystify technology and make it friendlier.

Steve Jobs and the Apple culture was part o this movement. As he hired design firm, Frog design to design the apple hardware. Intimidating complexity was packaged in minimalist artsy housings that were elegant and friendly.


Demystifying is good, UX better

The net impact was very good, yet it introduced a different condescending element, that is the snobbery of modernism. Elegant simplicity and minimalism is arguably a virtue and sophisticated yet elusiveness and exclusivity is not when it comes to product experience.

So, where the movement of minimalism left off, the practice of usability engineering went much further, going so far as to assert that the quality of the audience experience is the gauge by which the quality of the design is to be measured. This was really different.

So when art and technology meet in the real world, one has to wonder if the point of their intersection is at a visual design element, the common creativity, some cultural theme, or is it just their commonality of arrogant condescension? There must be a million ways that art and technology can intersect. Hopefully the more creative and positive ones will prevail. TechXpressionsim is about those. It is intended to be forthright and friendly, not pretentious and snobby. It is like the truck.


Tech deco

What is tech deco?

Tech deco is a subset of techXpressionsim in which themes are generally techy in nature which most people can appreciate. Themes are drawn from mobile design and computing UX design models most people have experiences since the age of the PC.


Geek deco

What is geek deco?

Geek deco is a subset of techXpressionsim in which themes are more intensely geeky in nature than tech deco. It may incorporate actual technology into the art or simply include themes which professional IT people would tend to appreciate, nut not the average person.


Mech Deco

What is mech deco?

Mech deco is a subset of techXpressionism in which themes and imagery are overtly mechanical or from heavy industry. It may border on steampunk with objects such as gears and bolts, etc. However, it is not set in a Jules Verne fantasy Victorian setting but a real life twentieth century blue collar world. It draws heavily from the real life experiences of the artist Roger Belveal growing up in a small town in Oregon around mill workers, farmers, loggers m and all the machinery that is in those environments. It is about the very positive and straightforward man-machine relationship of those hard working, intelligent, and brave blue collar people. It uses the mechanical motif to metaphorically express very digital ideas.