Love of technology wrapped in rugged rebellion to the slick

What is TechXpressionism?

TechXpressionism is a celebration of technology and contemporary digital culture with an open rebellion against the virtual slick aesthetic.  It expresses our love for devices but in a last century heavy industrial motif. The concept is an invention of futurist sculptor, Roger Belveal.

TechXpressionism (or tech expressionism) looks forward with optimism. It reaches back with to bring and optimistic. . reaches forward with optimism and reaches back in time with nostalgia to reflect on what makes technology so endearing and so important to the human experience, individually and collectively.  It is an expression of digital culture.


What is digital fatigue?

Digital fatigue is a condition resulting from too much time spent in the virtual world beyond the glass. Symptoms include cravings for real world experiences such as touching objects, feeling temperature, and getting dirty, . Once thought to be a condition affecting only IT professionals, digital fatigue has become epidemic. Treatment includes gardening, cooking, wilderness expeditions, and techXpressionist art.


We are physical beings and we crave a physical experience.  Too much time absorbed in the virtual space beyond the glass produces and sort of sensory deprivation. Geeky professionals have felt this for years feeling a craving for earthy tangible experiences such as gardening or woodworking  ass a type of personal therapy. 

Now the whole world had become geeky and finds that very same craving

TechXpressionsim is an answer to that call. Initially created with professional tech designers as the original audience, the appeal in the need for physical presence seems to have engulfed the planet.