Nothing screams innovation like a great piece art.

Nothing screams innovation like a great piece art.

Creative people crave art. Creative spaces demand it. Here’s why.



There was a time when offices were filled with file cabinets and and all sorts of specialized business machines. Well, that’s long gone. Fast forward a decade or three. Today, all that you need is in the cloud. to be accessed by the device of your choice. Offices are as barren as the Who’s houses after a visit from the Grinch. Minimalist? Yes. And boring.

So what to do with all that empty space? Why, Fill it with great art of course!

When a potential or shareholder or investor walks into a an off where innovation is happening, they expect to be wowed. Unfortunately, being in the process of creating something great isn’t the same as having compelling things to show. For this reason,

Creative people designing world-changing technologies seek synthesis, that conceptual model that connects all the dots. Art does that. A glance across the room in a moment of ponder and the image suddenly stirs an idea, a possibility. That’s exactly what great art is about.

Great art ignites great conversations. Conversation starters like you’ve never seen before.


Two of the most entrepreneurial guys I have ever met in my life. Both, when it cam time for a photo op, Both chose to pose next to pieces of my art. I am ecstatic!

Eric Rock, serial entrepreneur, founder of Open Table and now leading the hugely successful Vivify Health, one of most smartest things to happen in healthcare in recent years. Check this out. not only is he proud to display my art in his gorgeous office, but when the time comes to photo to be featured in a major healthcare mage, he say stands next to my art piece. Eric, you are so awesome.

Hubert, founder of healthcare startup accelerator. Health Wildcatters. Hubert is a physician who chose to devote his career to nurturing innovation in the healthcare space, Heath Wildcatters has received national recognition as a key significant play in getting companies and products launched. Simply put, they are doing awesome stuff.

I have found quite by surprise, that ,Amy forums, podcasts, vlogs, etc, have used my art as a backdrop I love this. I want you to know I am flattered and I wish you all the most amazing success.

With open offices and shared workplaces becoming all the rage, common denominators of inspiration are becoming more required.

Art is the symbol for creativity in the digital age.  As we trend more into digital and he abstract, tangible art provides warm tangible connection to the real world, but the liberty to think freely in an unconstrained manner. Art is not a separate thing from science and technology. From a human context, they are parts of the same thing.

Entrepreneurs, incubators, accelerators, and co-working organization offices this is for you.

No wonder all the cool kids own belveal techXpressionist art!

Your brand and techXpressionism.



01 Sabre.jpg
Launchpad City, Frisco, TX

Launchpad City, Frisco, TX

Art that says Innovation

Nothing shouts Innovation like big geeky metal techXpressionist art.   Some startups think so anyway.  This art has become a definitive symbol for creativity in the digital age.  Entrepreneurs, incubators, accelerators, and co-working organization offices have sought out the opportunity keep it in their offices and creative work spaces.

A great conversation-starter and symbol of innovation, belveal TechXpressionist art has become the centerpiece of some high visibility offices and the backdrop for inspiring vlogs, podcasts, seminars, and profile photos of leading innovators, entrepreneurs, even founding CEOs. 

TechXpressionist sends a brand message that attracts talent, and speaks to clients, and investors.  No wonder all the cool kids own belveal techXpressionist art!

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