Art and technology are no longer worlds apart. They are no longer even separate subjects.
Art today has become a definitive symbol for creativity in the digital age.


"Art challenges technology, technology inspires art." - John Lassiter



Sabre headquarters, Southlake, TX

Investors expectations

Walking into a startup breads expectation for excitement, We want to be wowed, to see something new, something out there. Unfortunately, the substance of what is being produced may still be some ways off.

More sizzle please

The process of creating something brilliant is hard work and complex. It may not equal instant sizzle for casual onlookers. Even when built, the context may be complex that explains its importance. Art however, appearing in your space is immediately visible for instant impact.

Real communication

Art that is relevant can provide more than wow factor. It can provide an impression to help explain in an instant some key aspects of what is happening with the business. And it sure beats a PowerPoint deck for engagement appeal. Consider Eric Rock of Vivify Health standing with his piece of belveal TechXpressionist art. This portrait has appeared in countless articles about Vivify.


Vivify Health

Does this image shout mobile innovation or what!

Eric Rock, serial entrepreneur, founder of Open Table and now leading the very successful Vivify Health, one of most smartest things to happen in healthcare in recent years. Check this out. not only is he proud to display my art in his gorgeous office, but when the time comes to photo to be featured in a major healthcare mage, he say stands next to my art piece. Thank you Eric. You and your company are so awesome.

Best Startups in Plano - featuring Vivify Health

”We were lucky enough to purchase a few pieces of art by Roger Belveal which we still enjoy today.” - Vivify Health

Creative tech craves art in the work-spaces like never before.


the creative space business case

Attracting innovators

Competition for talent is a real thing. Creatives care about their surroundings, The cool factor matters. Ample amounts off edgy two dimensional art along with an iconic British phone booth or Barcelona Chair have become signs of an innovative office. Both are anachronisms about ta hundred years old.

what to do with the space?

There was a time when offices were filled with file cabinets and and all sorts of specialized business machines. Well, that’s long gone. Fast forward a decade or three. Today, all that you need is in the cloud. to be accessed by the device of your choice. Offices are as barren as the Who’s houses after a visit from the Grinch. Minimalist? Yes. And boring.

Fill it with great art of course!


art > inspiration > innovation


Inspirational Gestalt

But the most important is the real impact art can have on creative minds. Creative people designing world-changing technologies seek synthesis, that conceptual model that connects all the dots. Art is all about that. A smart person in the midst of trying to solve a riddle of code or business plan glances across the room at a piece of art. In that moment an image suddenly stirs a creative idea, a possibility. That’s exactly what great art is about. It provides gestalt, that whole view of something, a way for pieces to come together.

Great conversations

Great art ignites great conversations. TechXpressionism is a conversation starter like you’ve never seen before. No wonder entrepreneurs, incubators, accelerators, and co-working organization offices have sought out the opportunity keep it in their offices and creative work spaces.


backdrop for podcasts

It has become the centerpiece of some high visibility offices and the backdrop for inspiring vlogs, podcasts, seminars, and profile photos of leading innovators, entrepreneurs, even founding CEOs. I have found quite by surprise many forums, podcasts, vlogs, etc, have used my art as a backdrop I love this. Here is an interview with successful tech entrepreneur, Kirk Ballou.

See the Socializer vlog


Brand message

TechXpressionist art sends a brand message that attracts talent and speaks to clients and investors about you.  

Cool and sophisticated

Health Wildcatters is a downright cool space. Filled with art and cool furnishings. It is a progressive collaborative space. It is also an important resource on the way to improvements in healthcare and how it is managed and administered.

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Health Wildcatters, Dallas, TX


Health Wildcatters.

Dr. Hubert Zajicek, founder of healthcare startup accelerator, Health Wildcatters. Hubert is a physician who chose to devote his career to nurturing innovation in the healthcare space, Heath Wildcatters has received national recognition as a significant player in getting companies and products launched. Simply put, they are doing awesome stuff. I am so proud to have my art occupying a significant role in their office space.


Tell me about your space.


Art is telling the brand story in new engaging ways

No wonder all the cool kids own belveal techXpressionist art.

Trend Micro draws a connection between art and cyber security. See The Art of Cybersecurity
This is more fully explained in the article in beta News, Trend Micro calls in artists to make cyber security beautiful.


What about art and Your brand?

What is the imagery speaks about your business, your clients, and your value proposition?

What kind of art speaks about you?