Linn Gear, Home Town hero

Linn Gear, desk icon, based on the Linn Gear logo

Linn Gear, desk icon, based on the Linn Gear logo

I am reposting this blog from 2014.  It features some pieces of art I made using real gears.  Gears are iconic.  The gear icon appears everywhere representing settings, inner workings, or anything mechanical or functional.  These are real gears made by a company in my home town that has been making gears for more than sixty years. 


Linn Gear was founded in Lebanon Oregon in 1954.  Located in east Linn county, Linn Gear has been a strength of the community. Even as the timber industry faded and other economic woes brought hard times to the area, Linn Gear remained an employer and a strength for the community. 

This week, I learned of the passing of Mr. Gene Hartl, who ran the company for many years.  As today is thanksgiving day, it seemed appropriate to express gratitude for Gene Hartl and people like him.   People who take the risks of entrepreneurship and who never forget about their community.  We need more of you.  I salute you Gene Hartl. 

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These are some special pieces I made for my friends at Linn Gear. I truly mean it when I say friends.  This business is in my home town of Lebanon, Oregon.  It is where many of my friends’ fathers went to work back in the day when we were growing up.  And now, many of my high school friends have made their careers with Linn Gear, raising their families and making quality custom gears year after year decade after decade.  For quality American manufacturing, Linn Gear is the real deal.

PS – Don’t expect the rough and artsy distressed look on anything coming directly from Linn Gear. That’s all me. They make only crystal clean precision machined parts.

– roger