Walk the Frisco Arts Loop

Imagine stepping out from the Soccer Hall of Fame and walking toward Frisco Square. Passing by fine shops and restaurants, approaching City Hall, take in the collection of public art. Gaze to the left and walk toward the old historic downtown along a pleasant and comfortable walking path, hospitable to strollers and families with small children, accessible to everyone. 



Enjoy the cheerful landscaping and some thoughtful and upbeat art works along the way.  Just before reaching the tracks, notice a path to the left leading back to Main and to the right, the Snow Cone Lady. :-)


Crossing the tacks into historic downtown, you can walk east on Elm street or up to Main.  Of course, wide sidewalks line both sides of Main and Elm with generous spaces and interesting sights along the way.


The Frisco walk leads past the iconic water tower to Frisco Fine Art gallery and the beautiful new building where the custard place used to be.  You turn left onto Main. Here, you could continue walking eastward past all the way to the 8680 Gallery and to Preston road. Or just do the loop by turning back westward, walking past the water tower again, this time on its north side. 


Your journey back to the stadium takes you past some of Frisco’s most prized establishments back across the tracks, past the Rail Yard and the new outdoor market. Back at the stadium, enjoy the game or Margaritaville, whatever.